For the Consumer

What do I obtain as a Consumer by using ?

  • Management of multiple watermeter and 24/7 access to all necessary information regarding each one of them by using the same account
  • Your bills status (paid, unpaid, In settlement)
  • Ability to make settlements on your unpaid bills (it depends on the Water company)
  • Online Indication declaration
  • e-Bills
  • Online payment of bills by using your debit or credit card
  • Online Application management
  • Adding issues with the ability to upload images for better support
  • Live notification regarding damages and intermissions regarding the central network
  • Dashboard with analytics
  • Environmental friendly approach due to the fact that Ydata's purpose is to eliminate the printed bill version and limit the paper consumption

What kind of applications can I submit through ?

  • State a damage regarding consumer's area of responsibility
  • State a damage regarding the Water company's area of responsibility